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Turkey Bodrum Real Estate, Detached brand new house for sale in Bodrum Torba bay, in 1300m2 garden,140m2 living area,3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,private swimingpool, 2 minutes drive to beach and to restaurants and 7 minutes drive to bodrum centre,ideal for holidays or all year living ,for sale to 2.000.000 Turkish Liras


Turkey Villa for sale, Bodrum Gundogan real estate,detached 3 storey villa in acomplex with 24 hours security,in own garden,private swimingpool,full seaview,fully furnished.300 meters walking distance to beach and restaurants. ideal for all year living,holidays,high rental income.200m2 living area,6 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony, for sale to 490.000 EURO


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate, Brand New Stone Bungalow Villas for sale in Ortakent,Bodrum. Brand new stone houses in private garden,in nature,caz,art,painting,restaurant,you are in an elit life like art village.ideal for all year living or holidays.10 minutes drive to beach,bodrum centre or to yalikavak centre.you are at midtown.modern and classic life in villas.180m2 living area,4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,centeral heating.garage.ideal price for sale to 2.000.000 Turkish Liras


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate ,Houses for sale in Bodrum, close to gumbet and bitez bays,full seaview from each house, complex with security ,swimingpool and beach services. ideal for all year living or holidays.10.600m2 land of complex, 16 block, 60 houses. 2+1 flats,3+1 penthouses or 3+1 duplex apartments,modern design,quality life, 500.000 EURO


Turkey Villas in Bodrum For Sale, Brand New villas with just 6 villas in a small complex, full seaview,each has got private swimingpool,300 meters to sea,10 minutes drive to Yalikavak Town centre,240m2 living area,5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,livingroom,kitchen,garden teras and balcony,Ready to move in. You can ask more photos.smaller garden one 500.000 EURO ,private garden ones 600.000EURO


Villa in Torba Bay, Bodrum. 190m² living area, private swimming pool, full sea view, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, sitting room, kitchen. Perfect for a holiday or all year living, easy rental. Close to Torba beaches and restaurants. 5 mins. drive to Bodrum centre. to 2.250.000 Turkish Liras


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate ,Triplex Villa for sale in Bodrum Centre with full port ,castle and seaview of sunset.Not easy to find this size house with this view .Full seaview from each floor. 250m2 living area,5 bedrooms,4 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony,garden, roof teras, fully furnished. You are in centre but peacefull location. ideal for all year living,holidays or rental income. for sale to 500.000EURO


Turkey Houses For Sale, Brand New Detached Villas with private swimingpool,in a complex with security and car parking, each villas garden is 500m2.totaly 6000m2 land,9 villas ,150m2 livingroom with 3 bedrooms,3 bathroom,livingroom with kitchen,8 minutes drive to yalikavak marina, ideal for holidays, easy rental or all year living, to 500.000 EURO


Turkey Real Estate,Villa for sale in Bodrum,in 850m2 land,private swimingpool,garage,180m2 living area,livingroom with fireplace,kitchen,3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms.Garden teras.Ready to move in.ideal for all year living,holidays or high rental income.7 minutes drive to beaches. 2.000.000 Turkish Liras


Villas for sale in Bodrum. Last 3 houses for sale, each in 1000m² land with private swimming pool, sea view. Title deeds ready, interiors not completed (needs 150-200,000 USD to finish, will take about 2 months). 400m² living area, 5 bedrooms and extra 2 guest houses with 2 more room. Rare opportunity! Perfect for all year living and a holiday. Easy rental, high income. 5 mins. drive to the sandy beaches of Bitez. 650,000 - 700,000 USD.


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate , first floor flat for sale in Gundogan bay, in a complex with security,swimingpool,seaside jetty beach, 110m2 living area with 2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony, full seaview, forsale to 600.000 USD


Property for sale in Turkey ,Bodrum,Gumbet bay.Detached property in own land.Just 150 meters walking distance to beach,close to minibus,close to bars and discos.High rental income.ideal for investment or bussines or for big families. Totaly 8 flats in this property. each 40m2 living area,4 of them 1 bedroom,livingroom with kitchen and bathroom. Other 4 apartments are 80m2 living area with balcony,2 bedrooms,1 bathroom,livingroom with kitchen. Fully furnished.If you wish you can keep who rented and staying at houses. to 2.100.000 Turkish Liras


Villa for sale in Turkey Bodrum Yalikavak bay,in 500m2 land,full seaview,private swimingpool,250m2 living area,3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony,garden teras.ideal for holidays or all year living,high rental income. to 520.000EURO


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate ,Detached houses for sale in Gumbet bay, walking distance to beach and restaurants and life, ideal for holidays or all year living. there are 2 villas available, each with 140m2 living area,3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen, seaview, grey floor ones 520.000 EURO ,with marble floors 600.000 EURO


Seafront houses for sale in Yalikavak Bay, Bodrum. Semi-detached houses with 145m² living area, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. The complex is in Yalikavak centre, has a jetty, security on site. 675,000 USD to 920,000 USD up to location.


Brand new villas in Turkey Bodrum. Villas for sale in a sefront seaside complex with beach jetty,restaurants,shops,security,pools,fitness&spa, twin houses can turn to 1 big size villa easy, twin villas 179m2 living area with garage,private pool,seaview,4 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen and Detached villas with pool 4 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,179m2 living area with garage.ideal investment holidays villas , from 475.000EURO to 528.000EURO , you can pay cash or %25 prepayment and rest in 48 months instalment


Bodrum Real Estate, Turkbuku Hebil Bay ,in a complex with jetty and beach, Full seaview,garden floor duplex,400m2 garden area,180m2 living area,4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony and garden teras, for holidays ideal option,to 540.000 EURO


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate, Villas for sale in Bodrum, Yalikavak. In a complex with security ,swimingpool,and seaside jetty. 10 minutes drive to yalikavak centre or to gundogan bay centre, ideal for holidays, these detached villas with private gardens and seaview,there are two type villas ,180m2 living areas, 3 or 4 bedrooms options to 600.000USD


Turkish Estate Agency, Bodrum centre. Detached villa with full sea and castle view and private swimming pool with nice garden. If you are looking for a villa in bodrum centre you must see this one before you decide. 140m² living area, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen. 2 different bathroom designs you can choose from. 550,000 EURO.


Bodrum Houses for sale, Villa in Yalikavak bay with seaview, close to marina,Houses are ready to move in,500m2 private land, private swimingpool,200m2 living area,4 bedrooms,4 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,modern and quality design, to 550.000 EURO


Turkey,bodrum ,new villas for sale in yalikavak centre, full sea and marina view,in a small development,private swimingpool,250m2 living area,5 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,garden areas, ready to move in.ideal all year living ,holidays or investment,for sale to 550.000EURO


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate, property for sale in a complex with sandy beach and restaurant,3 apartments in one building,8 bedrooms,3 livingrooms,3 kitchen,3 bathrooms,3 balconies.ideal for big families or high rental income. there are two same building one is to 850.000 USD other one 650.000 USD


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate , Villas for sale in Bodrum Turkbuku bay, just 100 meters walking distance to sea and beach,restaurants. high rental income. 130m2 living area, 2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,balcony, garden teras,private swimingpool, prices 555.000 EURO to 595.000 EURO


Bodrum Property for sale, Detached villas for sale in a development with private swimingpool,full sea and sunset view.Will be ready 2016 May with payment options.In Peacefull relaxing area, just 10 minutes drive to gundogan and yalikavak centre.380m2 garden,280m2 living area with 4 bedrooms ,3 bathroom,livingroom with kitchen,balcony and garden teras by swimingpool .to 600.000 USD


Bodrum Property. Villas for sale. The complex has 24/7 security on site, private pool for each villa. 5 mins. walking distance to the restaurants and the beach. 5 mins. drive to the Bodrum Marina. Perfect for all year living, holiday and as investment. Will be ready by May 2015. Type A Villas: 316m² living area, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, living room with kitchen, a hobby room. 750,000USD. Type B Villas: 254m² living area, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, living room with kitchen starting from 550,000USD.


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate , Brand new detached villas for sale in Gundogan bay,in a small complex relaxing area with full seaview,garden,swimingpool,security, 170m2 living area,4 bedrooms,2 bathrooms and 2 extra wc,livingroom with kitchen,balcony,ideal for peacefull holidays,10 minutes drive to restaurants and life, prices up to view and garden size from 1.950.000Turkish Liras to 2.250.000 Turkish Liras


Turkey Bodrum Yalikavak Real Estate, Detached Brand new stone house for sale in a complex with private garden and private swimingpool.Car parking by the house.5 minutes drive to yalikavak marina or gundogan beach.150m2 living area with livingroom and kitchen,3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,garden and roof teras.You will hear birds and trees.to 575.000EURO


Bodrum Real Estate, Turkey.Last houses in a luxury complex. Restaurants, beach, yacht services, spa, security, optional rental guaranty, many hotel services. Freehold property for first class investment and lifestyle. Full sea view, Duplex villa with 140m² living area, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, sitting room with kitchen. 800,000 EURO. Apartments with 109m² living area, 3 bedrooms 580,000 EURO.


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate ,Houses for sale in Seafront Complex ,security,sandy beach,swimingpool, 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen, balcony,140m2 living area,two houses available , duplex house for sale to 800.000 USD and flat for sale to 700.000 USD its ideal for holidays and high rental income


Turkey Property ,Villa for sale in Bodrum,Ortakent Yaka village.in a small complex,each bungalow villa in 500m2 land, each villa with 4 bedrooms( include guest house) ,livingroom with kitchen,3 bathrooms.Private swimingpool ,garden,garage.ideal for all year living or holidays. 130m2 net indoor living areas and plus teras and pool area in total 200m2.houses are ready to move in, last 2 villas 600.000USD and 650.000USD


Villa for sale in Gundogan Bay, Bodrum with full sea view. The complex has 24/7 security on site and shuttle to the beach. 3 detached villas with a private swimming pool each and 800m² land. 300m² living area and balconies. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, sitting room with kitchen. The interior design not finished yet, can be completed to your taste. Price for each villa is different. 750,000 - 650,000 - 600,000 EURO.


Bodrum House for sale in a seafront complex with only 8 detached villas in Kucukbuk, Hebil area. 24/7 security on site, beach, swimming pool, car park. 250m² living area triplex villa with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 sitting rooms, 2 kitchens, balcony. 800,000 USD.


Turkish Homes,Ready to move in Brand new villas in Bodrum centre area by Konacik.ideal for all year living,holidays or high rental income. In a complex with security and private pools.180m2 living area with 3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen. garden sizes around 750m2 to 1.000m2. Prices up to land size from 600.000 EURO to 750.000EURO


Villa for sale in Yalikavak, Bodrum. 600m² land, private swimming pool, 200m² living area, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, sitting room with kitchen, nice size balcony. Full sea view, modern design, 15 mins. walking distance to the sea. Perfect for a holiday, all year living and easy high rental income. 600,000 EURO.


Turkey Bodrum Real Estate, Stone Property Villa For Sale in a seaside complex with private jetty,Full seaview,swimingpool,24 hours security,just 10 minutes drive to turkbuku or gundogan life.1 hour drive to airport,30 minutes to bodrum centre.Ready to move in for private life with 160m2 living area,4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen and garden, to 600.000 EURO


Turkey Bodrum Yalikavak property, brand new detached villas with full sea and marina view,private swimingpool,in total 700m2 land 2 detached villas,can buy together too. each has got privacy,car parking,garden area,Two villas available,180m2 and 165m2 indoor living areas, each has got 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,ready to move in,ideal for all year living or holidays one 620.000 EUROS and smaller one 590.000 EUROS


Turkish Estate Agency, detached villa of 200m² living area with private swimming pool and full sea, marina and Yalikavak centre view. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, security. 650,000 EURO.


Villa in Torba bay in 1000m² land. 350m² living area, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 sitting room with 2 kitchens, balcony, private swimming pool, garden. 10 mins. walking distance to the sea and restaurants. Ready to move in. Perfect for all year living or a holiday, easy rental. 650,000 EURO.


Bodrum Yalikavak Villa for sale in a seafront complex ,24 hours security,cafe,jetty,service to beach,full sea and sunset view,detached villa 340 m2 living area,private swimingpool,5 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,2 livingrooms with kitchens, heating system,ready to move in for quality and relaxing holidays,not easy to find this size houses anymore, for sale to 650.000EURO


Turkey Real Estate in Bodrum,Yalikavak bay.In a complex with swimingpool,jetty,in 800m2 land,Full Sea and Sunset View,Service To Seaside, in a peacefull location but 10 minutes drive to yalikavak Or Gundogan Bays for busy life.250m2 living area, 5 bedrooms( one is for maid at garden),5 bathrooms,livingroom with kitchen,private swimingpool,pool teras,balcony, to 700.000USD

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